Mar 062011

This is the project site for State Records NSW’s Open Data Project.

The aim of this project is to identify datasets relating to the NSW State Archives collection and publish them in accessible ways.

Data published by this project could spark new interfaces to the collection, create new possibilities for federated searching, or allow creative re-purposing such as in visualisations or in applications such as The History Wall

As a first step, State Records NSW is publishing data from its online catalogue, Archives Investigator. This data is in a raw form and can be downloaded from the Datasets page.

Future steps might involve the use of standardised formats (e.g. EAC-CPF) or the development of an API to the catalogue. We will also investigate the use of linked data principles (e.g. a persistent URI addressing scheme) and microformats (such as the inclusion of RDFa data into the existing catalogue pages).

If you have ideas or suggestions about future directions for this project please participate by joining the discussions on this site.

About the Header image: The image used for the header of this blog is a remix of an image in State Records NSW’s flickr stream, Model of Shells (Sydney Opera House).  This image is part of the series Sydney Opera House – “The Red book” NRS 12707 . More images from “The Red Book” are available in State Records NSW’s digital gallery.

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